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The truck driving industry is booming in Alaska! While there’s been an increase in trucking jobs throughout the US and the industry is slated to continue growing through 2022, Alaska has just as many commercial trucking jobs as anywhere else in the US, but they’re better paid. Due to the spread of isolated smaller Alaskan towns throughout the large state that must depend on truck deliveries for survival, being a commercial truck driver is an important job on which Alaskans depend. To become a commercial truck driver, you’ll need to study and show your skills to pass knowledge and driving tests and get your AK commercial driver’s license. Your first step is to read the Alaska CDL Handbook and prepare for your written exam to get your commercial learner’s permit.

How to Prepare

The 2023 AK CDL Handbook has a lot of very important information you must know to pass your driver’s test and also be safe on the road, so it’s crucial to stay focused! Don’t allow your mind to wander, take a significant amount of notes, and be aware of any sections that seem confusing so you can go back and study problem areas. The AK CDL Handbook covers not only general knowledge, but also what you’ll need to get endorsements to advance your career: passenger transport, school bus driving, multi-trailer, tanker, HazMat, combination vehicles, and air brakes. To pass the CDL knowledge tests, you’ll need to score an 80% or higher, but the more you study, the more confidence you’ll feel and the better driver you’ll be for your safety, your cargo’s safety, and the safety of the people with whom you’ll be sharing the road. Be sure to stay on task, but give yourself little breaks when needed to make sure you’re absorbing all the information without being overwhelmed.

Final Steps

Once you think you’re ready, it’s a good plan to review the AK CDL Handbook one more time, settle your nerves, and head on over to the DMV confident you’ve prepared for success! You’re on your way, to a new career as a commercial truck driver in Alaska.

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