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DMV Near Me: Find DMV Locations in Texas (TX)

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    If you live in the great state of Texas, you have to deal with different agencies for different tasks. Take the time to learn which agency you need to visit beforehand so you don’t run into any problems while getting your driver’s license or registering your vehicle.

    License-Related Tasks in Texas

    The Texas Department of Public Safety is in charge of all driver’s license-related tasks. Visit a licensing office if you need to get a license or ID.

    Online Driver’s License Services

    If you hate the idea of going to the DPS, you are in luck. The Texas Department of Public Safety offers a variety of tasks online. If you have an internet connection, you can:

    • Renew your license
    • Renew your ID
    • Change your address on your license or ID
    • Request your driving record

    You can also schedule your driving test or get in line using the online feature. If you choose to get in line with the online feature, you have to show up to the DPS before closing time, and you must bring all of the required documents.

    It’s important to note that online appointments and the get in line online feature are only available at certain offices right now.

    Motor Vehicle-Related Tasks

    If you have a motor-vehicle related task, you will need to visit your county tax office or a substation. Each county has its own acceptable forms of payment, so contact the tax office before you visit.

    Online Motor Vehicle Services

    You can skip the lines by registering your vehicle online. Just fill out the online form, and you will receive everything you need in the mail.

    Contact Information

    In some cases, you might need to contact someone about your driver’s license or title. If so, you can contact the office via mail, phone, or email.

    Texas Department of Public Safety

    If you need to contact someone about your license, you’ll need to reach out to the Department of Public Safety.

    Texas Department of Public Safety
    P.O. Box 4087
    Austin, TX 78773
    Austin Headquarters: 512-424-2000
    Driver Licensing: 512-424-2600
    Driver License Issuance Email: license.issuance@txdps.state.tx.us

    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

    If you need to contact someone about your tags, title, or registration, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Department of Motor Vehicles
    4000 Jackson Ave.
    Austin, TX 78731
    Title and registration phone: 512-465-3000 or 888-368-4689

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