Let It Shine: Amazingly Simple 8-Step Guide to Waxing Your Car


While most people wash their vehicles every now and then, the majority of drivers do not wax their cars. Waxing your car is one of the best ways to make it look great and protects its exterior. Although waxing a car takes a little elbow grease, it is not a terrible way to spend a sunny Saturday. You will be proud of your hard work when you see your car gleaming in your driveway. Follow these steps to wax your car to a shine.

8 Steps for a Perfect Car Waxing

  1. 1

    Purchase a high quality automobile wax. You can find an array of car waxes at your local big box store or at most auto parts retailers. There are several national brands of car wax to choose from. While there is no need to splurge on car wax, it is a good idea to choose a product that is in the middle of the price range. The most popular form of car wax is packaged in a small tub, although auto wax is also available in spray form.

    car waxing
    There are a lot of reviews online, and a number of websites let you compare prices

  2. 2

    Wash your car. It is best to apply car wax to a clean and dry vehicle. Either take your vehicle to a car wash or wash it yourself before applying wax. Make sure that your vehicle is completely dry.

  3. 3

    Read the instructions on the car wax package. Some brands have particular instructions. Always follow the product’s recommended usage.

  4. 4

    If using automobile wax that comes in the tub format, open the package and remove the pad. Under the pad, there should be another lid. When opened, this lid should reveal the wax.

  5. 5

    Choose an area of your vehicle to begin waxing. Dip the pad into the wax so that a thumb sized glob is on the pad. Do not apply wax to any exterior plastic, headlights, tail lights, or any other area advised against in the product’s instructions.

  6. 6

    Apply the wax using a small, circular motion. A thin layer of wax should be applied to the entire vehicle. It is best to use either horizontal or vertical rows of circles to ensure that the entire surface of the car is covered.

  7. 7

    After you have applied the wax to your entire car, the area that you began in should be dried. When the wax is dry, it will appear matte and feel somewhat chalky.

    car wax coating
    If you leave the coating for too long, it will be a little bit harder to get off but it won’t damage your car

  8. 8

    Using a chamois, old t-shirt, or other soft cloth, remove the wax from the surface of your car. Use a circular motion to remove the wax and buff the surface of your car.

    After the wax is removed, the surface of your car should appear shiny and glossy.

Waxing your vehicle is a great way to ensure that it stays shiny. Waxing will work to protect your car’s paint from damaging sunrays, abrasive dirt, and chemicals in the rain and snow. Choose a day with nice weather and feel proud of your hard work when you drive around in your glossy car.

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