How to Pass Your Connecticut Permit Test in 2018

All Connecticut drivers need to have a Connecticut drivers license. However, if you don’t have your license yet, it can be difficult to know where to go and what to do. The process isn’t difficult, but it does take time and practice. This step by step guide will walk you through the process of getting your drivers license in CT.

How To Proceed

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    Gather the Necessary Documentation

    Before you can get a Connecticut drivers permit you will need to make sure that you qualify. You need to prove your eligibility to the Connecticut DMV. Generally this can be accomplished with a variety of different documents including a birth certificate or passport as well as photo ID, military ID, marriage license, school transcript or social security card. These may take a little time to round up, so start gathering your documentation now. The Connecticut driving age is 16 and up, so you will be unable to get your license before your 16th birthday.

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    Carefully Study the Connecticut Drivers Handbook

    When you go into the DMV to apply for your permit, you will need to know most of the information contained in the drivers handbook. Pick up a copy from your local DMV or get one online. Study the information inside carefully and even consider taking a Connecticut DMV practice test or two. There are some great practice tests at the Connecticut DMV website to help you practice and prepare.

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    Enroll in One of Many Great Connecticut Driving Schools

    A great way to learn the information you need for your driving tests is to enroll in a driving school. While this is optional for those over 18 it is required for all minors that want a Connecticut drivers license. In fact if you are under 18 you will need to complete an 8 hour safe driving practices course and have your parent complete a 2 hour training. Generally in driving school you will complete a Connecticut DMV practice permit test or two which can be a great preparation for your test.

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    Complete Your Permit Application

    Once you are familiar with the information in the drivers handbook, you can go to the DMV to fill out your application. You will need to provide the required documentation and pay a small fee. Right now the fee is $40 for examinations plus $18 for the actual permit. Minors must bring a parent in with them. Once you get to the Connecticut DMV you will enter your information into an automatic kiosk which will check you in. Then you will take your Connecticut DMV test in the testing area. Only those under 18 need a learners permit to practice.

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    Take Your Connecticut DMV Permit Test

    If you have studied carefully you should have no trouble passing your Connecticut permit test. This written test covers general knowledge items about driving and vehicle safety. All of the 25 questions are taken directly from the handbook so if you study and take a Connecticut DMV sample test you should be just fine. However if you do fail you can retest in 7 days if you pay the $40 fee again.

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    Get Your Permit

    Once you pass your Connecticut permit test and your vision test you can receive your permit. You will pay your $18 dollar fee at this time. Once you pass the test the DMV will also photograph you and get your electronic signature.

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    Start Practicing Driving as Often as Possible

    Once you have your permit, get as much practice as possible in. Make sure that you follow all the rules associated with your Connecticut learners permit.

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    Schedule an Appointment for Your On the Road Test

    The final step to getting your Connecticut drivers license is taking a behind the wheel test. When you are confident and have met the other licensing requirements you should schedule an appointment for your behind the wheel test.

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    Take Your Skills Test

    When you take your skills test you will have to show your ability to drive a vehicle in accordance with Connecticut laws and regulations. This is the final step for getting your Connecticut drivers license.

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    Enjoy Your New License

    Getting a drivers license is a big deal. Once you receive it, pat yourself on the back and celebrate. Now just make sure to follow the rules and regulations so that you don’t lose your license for any reason.

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