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CA Permit Practice Test 1


This FREE CA Permit Practice Test contains 40 questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the real DMV test.

CA Permit Practice Test 2

40 questions

Take this FREE CA Permit Practice Test to see how ready you are for the real thing!

CA Permit Practice Test 3

40 questions

Practice these 40 multiple choice questions and come to the real CA Permit Test prepared!

CA Permit Practice Test 4

40 questions

Take our fourth FREE CA permit practice test that will help you pass your DMV Test with flying colors!

CA Permit Practice Test 5

40 questions

Getting ready for your CA Permit Test? We've got you covered! 40 test questions, hints, detailed explanations, immediate feedback.

CA Permit Practice Test 6

40 questions

This FREE CA Permit Practice Test contains 40 questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the real DMV test

CA Marathon Practice Test

150 questions

Your last step before the CA Permit Test! This non-stop marathon contains ALL the practice test questions we have!

CA Fines and Limits Test

50 questions

Fines, Limits, Regulations and Citations. Traffic citations, insurance, DUI, the points system, and fines that will appear on the CA driver's permit exam.

CA Signs and Situations Practice Test

50 questions

CA road signs and road situations: learn when to yield, where to park and what all those road signs mean! Try this 50-question image-only CA permit practice test now!

CA Road Signs Practice Test

25 questions

Need to brush up on your CA road signs? This free practice test covers the most important traffic signs and their meanings.

CA T/F Road Sign Test


40 True-False questions! How well do you know your state's road signs? Are you ready for your Drivers License Exam? Take this T/F practice test to find out now!

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The free permit tests really helped. I just took my permit test today and passed! You should totally try these practice tests! ~ Hannah Tran, California

So much more useful and easier than studying the driver’s handbook! Thank you so much! I passed with 100%! Whoop whoop! ~ Nicole Chung, California

I had already gone once to do my written test and had gone without really studying and failed it. After a while I decided to go back and retake it. The day before going I studied on this website for about 2 hours max. I did the 1st to 3rd tests on the website and then on the morning of I studied two more tests and I did the practice questions in the back of the book. Feeling more confident I took my test only took me 10 minutes the most and only got 2 questions wrong. I think this website is beyond helpful I probably would have failed if I wouldn’t have studied on here. I would recommend it to anyone that is planning on taking their permit test. ~ Steph A., CA

Oh my gosh, this site is amazing! My first permit test try – I failed spectacularly because I only read the handbook. It’s a lot of information to digest and if you haven’t been driving for a while, it’s daunting almost. But, after finding this site I started using the practice tests and everything started to click!! I re-took it just yesterday and passed. That was only my second try, too. Now, I have my behind-the-wheel test scheduled. I love this site and highly recommend it – it’s very helpful. ~ Cindy B, CA

I started out reading the driver’s handbook in it’s entirety.’s study materials makes me feel confident without the handbook, but I opted to supplement the reading with the practice on the website. is the best third party practice resource for the written test. Not only did I gain the skill necessary to pass the written test, but I also learned additional rules of the road that I didn’t seriously focus on in the handbook. Because of and studying, I am holding my permit today :) ~ Chris S, California

Thanks so much, I passed my test with a 100%! This was more helpful than Driver’s Ed. :) ~ Madison Beckett, California

I just took my test this morning and it definitely helped, I passed! There were a few questions that were basically exactly alike the ones on the test. Make sure you take all the tests they have, it really is worth it. ~ Claire Lynn, California

Just got my permit today, it was so easy to pass the written test after testing yourself on this website. Thank you. ~ Aziza Mouttaki, CA

THIS SITE REALLY DOES WORK AND HELP!! It’s all I studied and I only missed ONE QUESTION. The questions on this site are SIMILAR OR IDENTICAL. Take each test 2-3 times and you will pass the test. I did NOT even study the HANDBOOK, just this site! ~ Abel C, California

The first time I took the test, I missed 13 questions. The questions seemed so challenging. For me, reading the book did NOT help, I could not memorize it a bit. So I began to search for different ways to study and I found this site and it was ALL I STUDIED!~ Dreyk A., CA

This website helped SOOO much. I went into the test very prepared. I made sure I aced every single test multiple times, actually learning the material and not just memorizing the order of the question and answer. I passed with flying colors! ~ Jenica Garcia, CA

This website is soo helpful. I took all the tests twice and read the handbook while I was in line at the DMV. I just took my test and I passed! The questions are basically the same. SO HAPPY LOL ~ Tiffany Vu, California

These practice tests really helped! I was so stressed, but when I noticed that so many of the 46 questions seemed very familiar, I got through the test with ease. 2 wrong out of 46! helped me a lot! Thank you! ~ Jeremiah Folia, California

I was told very last minute when my permit test was, and let’s just say, I wasn’t prepared at all. This website pretty much saved me. I took Permit Practice Tests 1-6, multiple times each day, and it really helped me learn. I passed yesterday with, I think, 3 or 4 wrong? I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to learn this without falling sleep reading the handbook. Tons of the questions from this site were on the real permit test!! ~ Melissa C, California

I practiced with these test and missed 0 on my permit test thanks to studying off these!!!!! It helped so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Moriah Miller, CA

This is by far the best test I could find. Study the handbook and repeat the tests on this site. I studied for 2 weeks and got a perfect score, the questions are very similar to the ones on this site. I probably would have got a passing score after one evening of studying, but I like to be prepared. ~ Fred Melgert, California

Literally didn’t even study until the night before my appointment. Skimmed the driver’s handbook I got from the DMV and took a bunch of practice tests and passed with only -3. Tr00 help. ~ Pedrom Sareminia, California

This site was very easy to use, and it helped me pass my permit exam on the first try. The practice tests were very similar to the real thing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING IT! ~ Danny Reilley, California

Usually I do very poorly on tests, so I was very frightened to take the permit test. To combat my fears, I did every test that this site has to offer. If I was unable to get 100% the first time on each test, I redid that test until I got 100%. I crammed for an hour before I took the actual test and only missed 2 questions. I recommend this website to everyone who asks me how I got such a good score! ~ Winter Smith, California

I just came back from taking the permit exam and it was easier than I thought it would be, thanks to If you go over these practice tests thoroughly and feel confident in them, then you will most likely pass the test! Don’t be lazy though, reading the book will only increase your possibilities of passing! ~ Jose Rivas, California

I just got back from the DMV today and passed only missing 3! Who knows if I didn’t find this site out. Studying could never be so easy! I would strongly suggest for practicing before you do the real deal! ~ Daniel Belle, California

Thanks to the site, I passed my written test today! Took all the practice tests and the marathon test and it really helped. Would recommend this site to anyone:) ~ Sherin Thomas, California

I read the book and practiced the questions here one practice test a day, and after the marathon test I knew I was ready! And today I took it and passed, it does help you! ~ Nelliel Lopez, CA

For a few months, my mother and I have been throwing the idea around about me getting my permit. But of course, me being the procrastinating teenager that I am, I didn’t study. I took a few of these practice tests some time before we even talked about it, but I didn’t take it too seriously. Fast forward to September 6, my mom tells me to make an appointment for the next day!! I was freaking out because I wasted all these months with little effort put towards studying. Remembering I had used this site before (but I forgot the name, so I googled it), I came and took each test. I even re-took a few at least twice. I did feel like it was great practice, but I was still so nervous. Well, I had my test this morning…AND I PASSED! I’m going to recommend this site to my friends. Hopefully everyone who comes across this site will at least try out one test. It’s really helpful and organized, so it’s easy to learn the information even if you get a bunch wrong. ~ Nyala Allen, California

I was so nervous before I took my driver’s permit test. I practiced the 5 tests on multiple times before my appointment, and I passed on the first try. A lot of the questions were actually on my test. When the lady was preparing my test, you could see that all the written tests are different, so this is good to keep in mind. This website helped me so much, and it will help you too! ~ Ilana Dvorkin, California

I am an Asian and just got here in California not too long ago and I took my test this afternoon and I passed! Thanks sooo much! You made it so easy for me… ~ Jackie Bower, California

All I could say is YESSSS! Thanks to these tests I passed my written test! A lot of the questions here were on my test. Now I’m ready for my behind the wheel, wish me luck! ~ Jackie M, California

I just passed my permit test. This site is very helpful. Don’t be worried if you don’t know all the answers at first. Just keep taking them until you pass. ~ Emmet Carn, California

How Can I Apply for my CA Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age can I apply for my permit in CA?
  • What documents do I need to bring when applying for my license in California?
  • Where do I go to apply for my driver’s license in CA?
  • How can I contact the California DMV office?
  • Who needs to bring me for the permit test in CA?
  • Is a physical required to get a permit in CA?
  • Do I need to take a vision test when applying for the California driver’s license?
  • Where can I get a photo for my CA driver’s license taken?
  • What colors should I avoid wearing when taking picture for my license?
  • Do I need to put up hair when taking driver’s license photo?
  • What make-up to wear when I get my CA driver’s license picture taken?
  • Why is it best not to smile when taking your drivers license picture?
  • What are some tips for getting the best out of the driver’s license picture?
  • I have already applied for my CA license, what do I do next?
  • I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do?
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Welcome to the best online resource for California’s driving exams! This page will provide you with all the study tools you need to ace your driver’s permit or motorcycle permit test on the very first try. Below you will find 5 FREE practice tests that closely mimic the exam currently administered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. But before you give the practice tests a try, review the official online CA Driver’s Handbook, the CA Motorcycle Handbook, and the California License Guide. This page will provide you with the information that you need to study and five chances to practice before heading to your local CA DMV office. Good luck!