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MS Permit Practice Test 1


This FREE MS Permit Practice Test contains 40 questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the real DMV test.

MS Permit Practice Test 2

40 questions

Take this FREE MS DMV Permit Practice Test to see how ready you are for the real thing!

MS Permit Practice Test 3

40 questions

Practice these 40 multiple choice questions and come to the real MS DMV Permit Test prepared!

MS Permit Practice Test 4

40 questions

Take our fourth FREE MS permit practice test that will help you pass your DMV Test with flying colors!

MS Permit Practice Test 5

40 questions

Getting ready for your MS Permit Test? We've got you covered! 40 test questions, hints, detailed explanations, immediate feedback.

MS Fines and Limits Test

50 questions

Fines, Limits, Regulations and Citations. Traffic citations, insurance, DUI, the points system, and fines that will appear on the MS driver's permit exam at the DMV.

MS Signs & Situations Practice Test

50 questions

MS road signs and road situations: learn when to yield, where to park and what all those road signs mean! Try this 50-question image-only MS permit practice test now!

MS Road Signs Practice Test

25 questions

Need to brush up on your MS road signs? This free DMV practice test covers the most important traffic signs and their meanings.

MS T/F Road Sign Test

40 questions

40 True-False questions! How well do you know your state's road signs? Are you ready for your Drivers License Exam? Take this T/F practice test to find out now!

MS Marathon Practice Test

150 questions

Your last step before the MS Permit Test! This non-stop marathon contains ALL the practice test questions we have!

MS DMV Test Simulator

Exam Mode

Just like the real DMV test! Same number of questions (that you can skip). Same passing score. No hints or explanations. New questions every time you re-take it.

en Español

MS Road Sign Test in Spanish

40 preguntas

40 True-False questions! How well do you know Mississippi road signs? Take this T/F practice test in Spanish to find out if you're ready for your MS DMV driver's license exam!

How Can I Apply for my MS Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • At what age can I apply for my learner’s permit in Mississippi?
  • Are there any certain documents I need when applying for my license in Mississippi?
  • Which place do I go to when I want to apply for my license in Mississippi?
  • How do I contact my nearest Mississippi DMV office?
  • Who should I get to bring me for my permit test in Mississippi?
  • Do I need a physical in order to get a license in Mississippi?
  • Does Mississippi require me to get a vision test before getting a license?
  • How do I get a photo for my license in Mississippi?
  • How do I apply for my Mississippi driver’s license?
  • Do I need to put up hair when taking driver’s license photo?
  • What make-up to wear when I get my MS driver’s license picture taken?
  • Why is it best not to smile when taking your drivers license picture?
  • What are some tips for getting the best out of the driver’s license picture?
  • What happens after I apply for my Mississippi driver’s license?
  • I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do?
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"I read through the permit book, then took all the practice tests for my state, and I passed the test, and didn’t miss any!"

Olivia Hoover, Mississippi

"I found your website, studied it for a couple of weeks and then passed my written test on the first try! Thanks!"

Jeff Cannon, Mississippi

"I made a 100% on my permit test because my DMV test was identical to the practice test I took on here."

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Casey Wilson, Mississippi

"I studied these tests like a hawk. 30 minutes a night for two weeks. When I went to take this permit test I passed and am very grateful to this site. The questions were almost identical to the ones on the real test and the handbook was helpful because it was hard to find the right one. Hope everybody else can do as great as I did."

Alaina Edwards, Mississippi

"After waiting for nearly a year, I finally decided to get my permit (I had to because of my drivers ed class) and this site was one of the first things I started studying! Today, I took my test and it took me less than 10 minutes to complete. I missed one question and it cut me off at 26 questions out of 30. The question I missed was about the speed limit in school zones so make sure to know that (hint: it’s 15 miles). All the questions I had except for the one I missed I had seen on this site. I read through my book as well. This site helps so much my friends had scared me saying it was hard and tons of people fail the first time,but the main thing is if you truly study your driving book and you keep taking these tests multiple times including the marathon test especially until you make at least 90% or above, You will be prepared and do wonderful. I’m so grateful this site exists"

Lakan Young, Mississippi

"This website helped me out so much! I thought for sure I wasn’t going to pass using the permit book. When I looked up help online this website popped up, it provided me with everything I needed to pass. I passed the permit test on my first try. I recommend this to everyone now. Thank you so much :-) "

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" was very helpful for me. Many of the test questions were similar to the real DMV permit test so I thank you for helping me pass my test!"

Kimberly Figgs, Mississippi

Interested in obtaining a driver’s permit or motorcycle permit in the state of Mississippi? You’ve come to the right place to prepare for the required exam. This page contains everything you need to ace the driver’s permit exam and motorcycle permit exam. Below you will find three study resources: the MS Driver’s Handbook, the MS Motorcycle Handbook, and the Mississippi License Guide. After you have read, reviewed, and studied this information, test your knowledge using the 5 FREE practice exams and free motorcycle practice exam that are also included below. These practice tests are almost identical to the exams administered by the Mississippi Department of Motor Vehicles. Good luck!