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SC Permit Practice Test 1


This FREE SC Permit Practice Test contains 40 questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the real DMV test.

SC Permit Practice Test 2

40 questions

Take this FREE SC DMV Permit Practice Test to see how ready you are for the real thing!

SC Permit Practice Test 3

40 questions

Practice these 40 multiple choice questions and come to the real SC DMV Permit Test prepared!

SC Permit Practice Test 4

40 questions

Take our fourth FREE SC permit practice test that will help you pass your DMV Test with flying colors!

SC Permit Practice Test 5

40 questions

Getting ready for your SC Permit Test? We've got you covered! 40 test questions, hints, detailed explanations, immediate feedback.

SC Permit Practice Test 6

40 questions

This FREE SC Permit Practice Test contains 40 questions that are very similar (often identical!) to the real DMV test

SC Fines and Limits Test

50 questions

Fines, Limits, Regulations and Citations. Traffic citations, insurance, DUI, the points system, and fines that will appear on the SC driver's permit exam at the DMV.

SC Signs & Situations Practice Test

50 questions

SC road signs and road situations: learn when to yield, where to park and what all those road signs mean! Try this 50-question image-only SC permit practice test now!

SC Road Signs Practice Test

25 questions

Need to brush up on your SC road signs? This free DMV practice test covers the most important traffic signs and their meanings.

SC T/F Road Sign Test

40 questions

40 True-False questions! How well do you know your state's road signs? Are you ready for your Drivers License Exam? Take this T/F practice test to find out now!

SC Marathon Practice Test

150 questions

Your last step before the SC Permit Test! This non-stop marathon contains ALL the practice test questions we have!

SC DMV Test Simulator

Exam Mode

Just like the real DMV test! Same number of questions (that you can skip). Same passing score. No hints or explanations. New questions every time you re-take it.

en Español

SC Road Sign Test in Spanish

40 preguntas

40 True-False questions! How well do you know South Carolina road signs? Take this T/F practice test in Spanish to find out if you're ready for your SC DMV driver's license exam!

How Can I Apply for my SC Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • At what age can I apply for my South Carolina license?
  • What documents should I have when I go to apply for my license in South Carolina?
  • Where’s the nearest place to apply for a driver’s license in South Carolina?
  • How can I contact my nearest South Carolina DMV office?
  • Who should bring me for my permit test in South Carolina?
  • Does South Carolina require a physical in order to get a permit?
  • Is a vision test necessary when I go for my South Carolina driver’s license?
  • Where do I go to get my South Carolina driver’s license picture taken?
  • What’s next after I apply for my South Carolina license?
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Passing the South Carolina driver’s permit exam is nothing to be worried about. All you need to study for and successfully pass the exam is right on this page! First, take a little time to review the official online SC License Guide, SC Driver’s Handbook, and South Carolina Motorcycle Handbook. These study tools will help you learn all of the information that you will be tested on when you head to your local South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles office to obtain your permit. Below you will also find 5 FREE permit practice exams and one free motorcycle permit practice exam that are almost identical to the real thing. Use these practice tests to brush up on your test-taking skills and approximate your likelihood of passing the real permit exam. You’ll do great!