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You may think that Hawaii isn’t the best place to pursue a commercial driving career, but you’d be wrong. People on the islands rely just as much, or maybe even more, on deliveries than their brothers on the mainland, and nothing could be delivered without male and female truck drivers. The trucking industry shows projected growth for the next several years, and that includes in Hawaii. The first step to making a career on the road is opening the pages of the 2023 Hawaii CDL Manual, and getting ready to pass your CDL exam.

How to Prepare

All the information you need to answer any question on your written exam is contained in this manual, so get ready to study like your ability to pass depends on it – because it does! As long as you study carefully and thoroughly and take copious notes, you should easily be able to achieve the 80% passing score needed on your written exam for either your CDL learner’s permit or license. Remember, though; you’re not just studying to pass an exam; this will also help you keep yourself, your cargo, and those around you on the road safer. This manual will cover all the basics, from general truck driving and maintenance to how to handle weather conditions such as our frequent Hawaiian come-and-go rain showers, and includes information you’ll need to get pass exams to get endorsements on your license. As the Hawaii CDL Manual contains over 100 pages of information, it’s only natural that your mind might start to wander while you’re trying to study; that’s the point at which to take a break and return to the material when you feel refreshed and ready to take more notes and study hard.

Final Steps

Right before it’s time to go to the Hawaii Commercial Driver Licensing Center, review the manual and your notes one more time. This will help you to relieve any nervousness and give your confidence a boost for the exam. Good luck!

The DMV handbook alone isn't enough

If you only study the official manual, your probability of passing the DMV Exam is 49%. You can double your chances with our Premium program.