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A men at work sign is a warning sign. Men at work signs indicate that road workers are in or near the roadway. Drivers should be alert and prepared to slow down or stop if they encounter this sign. Oftentimes the men at work signs are posted in construction zones where speed limits are reduced.

Shape: Triangle
Triangle shape with icon of a worker with a shovel.
Location: Areas of roadwork
The men at work signs are posted near areas of roadwork or construction.
Color: Red, white, and black
White background with a red border and a black icon of a person with a shovel. These signs can also be seen in yellow or orange.
Real-life examples

Men at work signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • Men at work signs are a warning of road work ahead.
  • Proceed with caution as workers may be in, crossing, or near the road.
  • Construction zones typically have reduced speed limits that drivers should adhere to.

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