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The narrow bridge sign is a warning sign. It looks very similar to the narrow road sign, but indicates that the bridge ahead is more narrow than the road the driver is currently on. Bridges are typically more narrow because the shoulders are narrowed or eliminated. When drivers are crossing a narrow bridge they should slow down and watch out for oncoming traffic.

Shape: Diamond
A diamond shape with line icons in the middle or the words “NARROW BRIDGE.”
Location: Before a narrow bridge
Narrow bridge signs are located before a bridge that’s more narrow than the previous stretch of road.
Color: Yellow and black
Yellow background with black details.
Real-life examples

Narrow bridge signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • The narrow bridge sign indicates that the driver is approaching a bridge that is more narrow than the road they are currently on.
  • Drivers should slow down while crossing narrow bridges.
  • Avoid completely stopping your vehicle on a bridge.

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