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The road narrows sign is a warning sign. Road narrows signs indicate that the road ahead will not be as wide as the road you’re currently on. This sign is a warning of upcoming potential hazards but no immediate action is required.

Shape: Diamond
A diamond with black line icons in the center.
Location: Before a narrow stretch of road
Road narrows signs are posted before a section of narrow road.
Color: Yellow and black
Yellow background with black border and black line icons. Some variations have a yellow background and black words that say “ROAD NARROWS.”
Real-life examples

Road narrows signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • Road narrows signs warn about a narrow stretch of road ahead.
  • Drivers don't need to take immediate action but should proceed with some caution.
  • Some road narrows signs have black line icons to indicate the road narrowing while others have words that say "ROAD NARROWS."

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