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The do not pass sign is a regulatory sign. Do not pass signs indicate that the stretch of road the driver is on is unsafe to pass another car on. Passing zones are based on how far ahead the driver is able to see. This sign means there is an unseen hazard ahead such as hills, curves, intersections, hidden driveways and other areas where a vehicle is entering the roadway. If a do not pass sign is posted, passing another car is illegal.

Shape: Rectangle
Rectangular sign with black lettering that says, “DO NOT PASS.”
Location: Unsafe stretches of road
Do not pass signs are posted in areas where it’s illegal to pass another car.
Color: Black and white
While background with black border and black lettering.

Passing is also illegal

if there are double solid lines in the middle of the road.

Real-life examples

Do not pass signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • It is illegal to pass another car in an area with a do not pass sign.
  • Even if the driver feels it is safe to pass a car, the don not pass sign indicates there could be unforeseen hazards.
  • Passing a car is also illegal on roads that have double solid lines in the middle.

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