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The speed limit sign is a regulatory sign.

Speed limit signs are designed to communicate a set legal maximum or minimum speed that vehicles must travel. Drivers must not exceed the limit that the sign designates.

Shape: rectangle
Speed limit signs are road signs that are rectangular and oriented vertically.
Location: freeways and roads
This sign is often found on freeways (interstate highway or other U.S. routes built to interstate standards), roads, and residential streets.
Color: white and black
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Speed Limit Signs In The Wild

Speed Limits by State

StateRural FreewayUrban FreewayDivided Roads (4+ Lanes)Undivided Roads (2-4 Lanes)Residential
Alabama70 mph55–70 mph65 mph55 mph20–25 mph
Alaska65mph55–65 mph55–65 mph45–65 mph20–25 mph
Arizona65–75 mph55–65 mph55–65 mph45–65 mph20–25 mph
Arkansas70–75 mph60–65 mph65 mph55–65 mph20–30 mph
California65–70 mph50–65 mph65 mph55–65 mph25–30 mph
Colorado65–75 mph55–75 mph55–65 mph55–65 mph20–35 mph
Connecticut65 mph45–55 mph50–55 mph45–50 mph20–40 mph
Delaware65 mph50–65 mph55 mph50 mph20–35 mph
District of Columbia-55 mph--25 mph
Florida70 mph45–70 mph55–65 mph55–60 mph20–50 mph
Georgia70 mph55–70 mph65 mph45–55 mph25–45 mph
Hawaii55–60 mph35–50 mph45–55 mph45–60 mph25 mph
Idaho80 mph60–65 mph65–70 mph55–70 mph25–35 mph
Illinois70 mph45–70 mph65 mph55 mph20–30 mph
Indiana70 mph50–70 mph55–60 mph50–55 mph20–30 mph
Iowa70 mph55–65 mph65 mph45–55 mph25 mph
Kansas75 mph60–75 mph65–70 mph55–65 mph20–30 mph
Kentucky70 mph55–70 mph65 mph55 mph25–45 mph
Louisiana70–75 mph50–70 mph55–65 mph45–55 mph20–45 mph
Maine70–75 mph50–65 mph45–55 mph45–55 mph25 mph
Maryland65–70 mph40–65 mph55 mph50–55 mph20–25 mph
Massachusetts65 mph45–65 mph45–55 mph45–55 mph20–30 mph
Michigan70–75 mph55–70 mph55–65 mph55–65 mph25 mph
Minnesota70 mph45–60 mph60–65 mph55–60 mph30 mph
Mississippi70 mph55–70 mph65 mph55 mph25 mph
Missouri70 mph45–70 mph60–70 mph45–65 mph25–40 mph
Montana75–80 mph65 mph65–70 mph55–70 mph20–25 mph
Nebraska75 mph55–75 mph65–70 mph55–70 mph25 mph
Nevada70–80 mph55–65 mph65–70 mph55–70 mph20–30 mph
New Hampshire65–70 mph50–65 mph55 mph35–55 mph20–30 mph
New Jersey65 mph50–65 mph55 mph30–55 mph20–35 mph
New Mexico75 mph55–75 mph55–75 mph55–75 mph20–55 mph
New York65 mph35–55 mph45–55 mph35–55 mph20–45 mph
North Carolina65–70 mph50–70 mph55–60 mph55 mph20–35 mph
North Dakota75 mph55–75 mph70 mph55–65 mph20–55 mph
Ohio70 mph50–70 mph55–70 mph45–55 mph20–35 mph
Oklahoma70–75 mph55–65 mph65–70 mph55–65 mph25 mph
Oregon65-70 mph50–60 mph55–70 mph55–70 mph20–25 mph
Pennsylvania65–70 mph40–70 mph55 mph35–55 mph20–35 mph
Rhode Island65 mph50–55 mph55 mph50 mph20–25 mph
South Carolina70 mph60 mph60 mph45–55 mph20–30 mph
South Dakota75–80 mph55–75 mph65–70 mph55–65 mph20–45 mph
Tennessee65–70 mph55–70 mph55–65 mph35–55 mph30 mph
Texas75–85 mph55–75 mph75 mph55–75 mph25–30 mph
Utah75–80 mph65–70 mph55–65 mph55–65 mph20–35 mph
Vermont65 mph55 mph55 mph50–55 mph20–50 mph
Virginia65–70 mph55–70 mph55–60 mph55 mph20–35 mph
Washington70 mph60 mph65–70 mph55–65 mph20–50 mph
West Virginia60–70 mph55–65 mph65 mph55 mph20–55 mph
Wisconsin70 mph50–70 mph65 mph55 mph20–35 mph
Wyoming75–80 mph60–75 mph70 mph55–70 mph30 mph

Things To Remember

  • Traveling over the speed limit can result in a fine. Make sure to follow the designated speed.
  • Speed limits are set by each state so keep an eye out for signs when driving in a different state.
  • Some states lower the speed limit for trucks and for driving at night.

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