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A crossbuck sign is a regulatory sign. Crossbuck signs indicate there is a railroad crossing. They should be treated similar to yield signs. If a train is approaching, the driver should never try to beat the train across the tracks. Instead, they should stop and wait for it to pass. A train always has the right of way because it's not able to swerve or stop quickly to avoid a collision.

Shape: Diagonal cross
Crossbuck signs are a white diagonal cross shape with black letters.
Location: At railroad crossing
The sign is posted at a railroad crossing and will indicate how many tracks there are.
Color: White and black
A white cross with the words “railroad crossing” written in black lettering.

Some rail crossings are passive,

meaning they don't have signals or gates to warn if a train is coming, just a railroad crossing and crossbuck sign posted. At these passive railroad crossings, it's especially important that the driver slows down and listens for approaching trains.

Real-life examples

Crossbuck signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • Crossbuck signs are posted at railroad crossings.
  • A crossbuck sign should be treated like a yield sign.
  • Drivers should slow down and listen for trains at passive railroad crossings.
  • Trains always have the right of way because they aren't able to swerve or quickly stop if a car is in their path.

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