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The two way traffic sign is a warning sign. Two way traffic signs are posted before or on two-way roadways. These two way traffic signs warn drivers that they’re leaving a one-way roadway and entering a roadway with opposing traffic. This might restrict the driver’s ability to freely pass cars.

Shape: Diamond
A diamond shape with two arrow graphics in the center.
Location: Before or on a two-way road
Two way traffic signs are located when the driver is transitioning onto a two-way road or as a reminder when they are currently on one.
Color: Yellow and black
Yellow sign with black outline and opposing black arrow icons in the center.
Real-life examples

Two way traffic signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • Two way traffic signs will be posted if you're transitioning from a one-way road to a two-way road.
  • If on a two-way road, be cautious of opposing traffic.
  • Drivers may not be able to freely pass cars on two-way roads.

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