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The keep right sign is a regulatory sign. Keep right signs are used in locations where the driver must pass only on the right of a roadway feature or obstruction. The sign will be posted ahead of the obstacle, in order to warn the driver of a traffic island, obstruction or median ahead. Drivers who encounter this sign should keep to the right.

Shape: Rectangle
A rectangle sign with an arrow and upside down dome.
Location: where traffic can only pass on the right side of an object
Keep right signs are located before traffic islands, road obstruction or medians.
Color: White and black
White with black graphics.
Real-life examples

Keep right signs in the wild

Things To Remember

  • Be sure to keep right when you encounter this sign.
  • In areas with keep right signs, beware of cars that may need to merge.
  • If a keep right sign is posted, drivers should be prepared for an obstacle in the road ahead.

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