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The railroad crossing sign is a warning sign.

Railroad crossing signs are designed to alert drivers of railroad tracks ahead. Drivers must be aware of any approaching trains from both directions and be prepared to stop, if necessary. This sign is a passive sign, compared to an active sign, such as the traffic control devices or lights at the train crossing. Trains may pass through any time of the day or night, so drivers must not stop on train tracks to avoid any potential collisions.

Shape: circle
Railroad crossing signs are a yellow circle, with the letters and symbol in black.
Location: before a railroad crossing
This sign is found before the crossing of a railroad, and may be accompanied with pavement markings.
Color: yellow and black
Yellow circle, with the letters and symbol in black.
Real-life examples

Railroad Crossing Signs In The Wild

Things To Remember

  • Make sure to listen and look out for oncoming trains in both directions when you spot this warning sign.
  • Never stop on railroad tracks. If there is traffic, wait off of the train tracks until you are able to pass through.
  • When you approach railroad tracks, red flashing lights will notify you to come to a full stop.

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