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Today’s drivers are used to a variety of technology in their vehicles. From radios to internal navigation systems, most new models have a variety of technological devices at work while they are in use. Every piece of technology in your vehicle has both negative and positive aspects. Review this list of some of the most popular piece of automobile technology and their uses and disadvantages.

How To Proceed

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    Radios were one of the first pieces of technology to be installed inside automobiles. Many drivers have become so used to radios, CD players, or MP3 players that they feel uncomfortable driving without listening to music. Remember that a sound system can be both entertaining and distracting. Listen to your music at moderate levels and turn off the radio if you feel that it is distracting your attention from the road. Many new models are equipped with a function that adjusts the stereo system’s volume as you accelerate or decelerate your vehicle.

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    DVD players can now be installed in any vehicle. Many new models now even come with the option of having small screens designed into the vehicle’s interior. In most cases, it is illegal to have a television or movie screen displayed in the front seat of a vehicle in use. Most internal DVD systems have screens that are made into the back of the front seats or that fold down from the ceiling of the car. Many of these systems allow passengers to listen to the audio through headphones so that the driver is not distracted. Drivers with small children often prefer vehicles with these systems so that their children will be entertained on long drives.

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    Navigation systems or GPS devices can also be installed in any vehicle. Many new models are designed with such systems and have a display screen built into the console or dash board. Many drivers rely on these navigation systems to find particular destinations or plan long trips. Make sure that these systems do not distract your attention from the task of driving a vehicle. Program any navigation system or GPS device before beginning to drive.

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    Back-up cameras are quickly becoming a standard option in many models. A small camera lens is built into the back bumper of a car. This camera activates when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. A small screen on the dash board displays what is directly behind the vehicle. This new automotive technology is very useful not only preventing accidental bumps into other vehicles, but also increases safety when driving around small children.

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    Bluetooth technology is another piece of automotive technology that aims to make driving safer. Many models now allow drivers to sync their cell phones with their cars so that incoming and outgoing calls are projected through their stereo systems. This technology allows drivers to have phone conversations while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

These are just a few of the technological advances that appear in many vehicles. Remember to make sure that any technology that is in use in your vehicles does not distract your attention from the task of operating your vehicle.

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