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Afraid you will not pass NYS Permit Test on your first try? There is no better way to get prepared than taking our FREE sample New York Permit Practice Test online. You will be surprised how close it is to the real thing, and while practicing, you will polish your knowledge of basic road rules and traffic signs in NY. You’ll be asked to answer 40 questions with 4 response options to select from. Use our hints whenever in doubt (you can find them at the bottom of each question, but there’s no such luxury on the real test!), or simply click on the option that seems to be the best answer, and you will see whether you were right or wrong. If you were correct, the system will show you the next question, and will mark the previous one with a green color in the progress bar on the left. If you were wrong, you will be prompted with the correct answer and an explanation on why it is so. Isn’t that the perfect way to study?
Need to practice more? No problem. Just re-take this NY DMV Permit Practice Test as many times as you feel necessary; it is absolutely free of charge and the questions are randomized each time, to secure your knowledge. Did you practice permit test till perfect? No need to be shy! Share your score on Facebook or Twitter by using the special button presented to you on the last page of this test.
With our FREE NY permit practice test you’ll be driving on New York roads in no time!

NY DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:20
Answer correctly to pass:14
Passing score:70%
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