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Have you been looking for a North Carolina Permit Practice Test? Look no further! Welcome to our FREE sample NC Permit Practice Test online – there is no better way to polish your knowledge of the rules of the road and road signs than this. You’ll have the opportunity to answer the 40 most common permit test questions, and select from four answer options. Don’t hesitate to use the hints presented below each question. If the hint didn’t help and you picked the wrong option, no worries! The system will show you the correct answer as well as an explanation, before you can proceed to the next question. Take the test as many times as you want. We encourage you to do so, to be 100% prepared for the real NC knowledge test. You passed with great results? Remember to share your good news with your friends on Facebook by using a special button available at the last page of the test. Let them envy or take the challenge!
With our FREE North Carolina Permit Practice Test you’ll be driving on NC roads in no time!

NC DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:25
Answer correctly to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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