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The second New Mexico motorcycle permit practice test below is designed to improve your odds of successfully completing the NM motorcycle permit exam and obtaining your endorsement or license with less studying. The format of this free fifty question practice test is very similar to that of the official exam, so you can be sure that you’ll know just what to expect before you head to the DMV. Each expertly written question evaluates your knowledge of the information in the section of the New Mexico Driver Manual devoted to motorcycle safety. The format of the New Mexico motorcycle permit practice test below closely resembles that of the official exam administered by the state’s DMV. Go on. See how you do!
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40 correct answers to pass (10 mistakes allowed)
Passing score required at the NM MVD: 80%
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New Mexico MVD Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:25
How many correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%

NM Motorcycle Handbook

View the most recent (2017) official NM MVD Motorcycle Handbook.


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