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In order to receive your motorcycle learner’s permit or license, you will need to either pass a knowledge test as part of a basic course from the New Mexico Motorcycle Safety Program or the New Mexico MVD written test. In addition to passing a written exam, the type of endorsement you qualify for (without an endorsement, your New Mexico motorcycle license is not valid) will be affected by your age. There are three types of endorsement, and each limits the type of motorcycles you are allowed to ride. You still may not carry any passengers until you are 18 or older. Successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse means that the required written and skills tests at the MVD will be waived. The fee for your learner’s permit is $10, and some field offices may only accept cash or check. You can prepare for your written knowledge test using this MVD motorcycle permit practice test, which covers information from the motorcycle section of the 2018 New Mexico Driver Manual, such is how to handle normal and special road situations, how to be the safest rider possible, and more. This “hard” practice test contains more difficult questions that will help you prepare for trickier questions on the real test.
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New Mexico MVD Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:25
How many correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%

NM Motorcycle Handbook

View the most recent (2018) official NM MVD Motorcycle Handbook.


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