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As the state with the second-highest amount of road miles and highway miles in the US, it could take years to discover all the scenery in California, from residential streets to scenic byways. The first step to reaching this beauty is getting your driver’s license, and the first step toward getting your license is passing your permit test. Our second FREE DMV practice test will help you achieve this goal by letting you practice even more of the material you’ve studied from the official 2017 California Driver Handbook, spread out over 40 multiple-choice questions. For each question, you’ll be shown an explanation as well the section of the handbook where the information comes from; this will help you study in the future if you felt unsure about the question at all. Questions answered incorrectly are placed in your Challenge Bank. You’ll find it directly under the progress grid, which shows correctly answered questions in green, and incorrectly answered questions in red. Just like our other practice tests, this test is completely free and doesn’t require ANY personal information – there’s no catch. You’ll find specialized buttons on the final test screen that allow you to share your awesome score with friends on Facebook or Twitter. If this practice test helped you, we would appreciate it if you gave us a ‘like’ or tweet about it. With enough experience on our permit practice tests, you’ll be able to cruise right through the California DMV to get your learner’s permit with ease. Good luck!
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In California, the number of questions is different depending on how old you are:
  • If you are under 18, you will get 46 questions, 38 of which will need to be answered correctly
  • If you are over 18, the written part of the driving test will have 36 questions.
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CA DMV Permit Test Facts

Number of questions:36
Answer correctly to pass:31
Passing score:85%

CA DMV Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2017) official CA DMV Driver's License Handbook.


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