✔ FREE California DMV Written Test Simulator 2016 | CA


CA DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions: 36
Answer correctly to pass: 31
Passing score: 85%
Here’s our California DMV Written Test Simulator, and guess what? It’s 100% FREE! No strings attached and no hidden fees, simply start by selecting the best answer for the question below (if you’re not sure, see the Hint). If your answer is right, you’ll be taken to the next question automatically, and the question will be marked green on the left-hand progress grid. If you make a mistake, we’ll show you the correct answer, as well as an explanation.
All the questions in this free test are based on this year’s official CA Driver’s Handbook, which means you’ll be studying using the latest learning materials possible. Please note that there will be no hints or explanations when you go to any of your local CA DMV offices to take the real test. If you enjoy this CA permit practice test, do not hesitate to ‘like’ it or tweet about it – we would really appreciate that! We also encourage you to share your score on Facebook or Twitter – there are special buttons for that on the tests’final screen. Good luck!
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