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DE DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:25
Answer correctly to pass:19
Passing score:76%
To all residents of the First State who want to obtain a driving license we present our second easy-to-use interactive DE permit practice test. It’s a useful resource that will make you fully prepared to take your DMV Permit Test with confidence and expertise. Our practice test is close to what you will have on the real exam both in structure and content, which is based on the new 2016 official Delaware Driver Manual. So, it’s user-friendly, close to real life, up-to-date and it’s FREE. Right, there’s no mistake – attention is what you’re going to pay, not money. Moreover, you won’t need to register and there’s no need to go anywhere – it’s right here with you anytime, 24/7. Sounds like a fair deal, right? So get started now!
You’ll read 40 multiple-choice questions, each followed by four answers. Carefully choose the one you think is best. Don’t hurry – check our hints if you’re not sure. Look at the colors on the progress bar (left-hand side on the page). Green means “well done!”, while red means “oops!” You’ll be either directed to the next question or offered an explanation of your mistake. Make sure you read our explanations – you might have a similar question on the real Delaware Permit test.
Take our test as many times as needed to achieve an excellent result. You’ll feel your knowledge widened and confidence raised. Then why not tell your friends on Twitter about our DE permit practice test or simply click the “Like” button above? We wish you good luck!
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