✔ FREE District of Columbia Road Signs Permit Practice Test 2015 | DC

Need to brush up on your DC road signs? You’ve come to the right place! This FREE DC permit practice test covers the most important traffic signs and their meanings. It contains questions on all the road signs you must know and recognize. You’re likely to see these signs on your DC DMV Permit Test – and on the road, of course! Below you’ll find questions about all sorts of road signs: regulatory, warning, informational, guide and emergency, as well as temporary road signs in the state of District of Columbia. Each of the 25 questions below has 4 answer options for you to choose from. The test is based on the official DC Driver’s handbook (2015) and was created by our team of automotive experts.
Please note that this practice quiz is only intended to help you prepare for the types of road sign questions you will be asked on the written test. The questions on the actual DC DMV test may vary. Good luck!

DC DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:25
Answer correctly to pass:20
Passing score:80%
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