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MN DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:40
Answer correctly to pass:32
Passing score:80%
Walking along the sidewalk you often feel envy for those lucky guys passing you by in their cars. Did it ever occur to you that you can be one of them by obtaining your driving license? We’re here to help you. No, we can’t issue a license to you but we can help you get ready for your MN DMV permit practice test. Here’s our 5th user-friendly intuitive Minnesota permit practice test that will enhance your knowledge as well as your self-confidence. It’s based on this year’s 2016 Minnesota Driver’s Manual, so you can rely on it to bring you as close to the real DMV Permit Test as possible.
There are 40 multiple-choice questions that you will answer choosing the best option out of the four offered. Not sure which is best? Try our hints – they can really help. If you still make a mistake, the progress bar for that question on the left will turn red and you’ll see an explanation that will help you not repeat the same mistake in the future.
You want to try but not sure how much it’ll cost you? Here’s the big news – it’s completely FREE! No fees, no registration, just like that. So why wait? Start now (and remember to tell the world about it on Twitter). You can also “Like” our MN permit practice test by clicking the button above. Get a move on and head for success!
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