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TN DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:30
Answer correctly to pass:24
Passing score:80%
A plastic card in your wallet can be more than just an ID or payment method. It can be your legal pass to mobility, comfort and independence. Yes, we’re talking about a driving license. If you still don’t have it, you can start earning it today. We don’t forge and sell licenses – we do a much better thing. Check out our 4th Tennessee permit practice test brought to you for free – no fees whatsoever, and no registration is required. Cool, isn’t it? Then give it a try.
Our 40 multiple-choice questions will test your knowledge of road signs and TN traffic rules – and what can be a better info source than the updated official Tennessee Comprehensive Manual? Plus you’ll get a very good idea of the structure and scoring system of a real DMV theory exam.
Read the question below and the four answers that follow. Only one is correct – find and click it! Not sure? No problem , guessing counts, and our hints help you guess better (sorry, no hints on a real exam – get ready for that). The progress bar on the left-hand side will show you how you’re doing by flashing green for all your correct answers or red if you make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes but you don’t want to make it twice – so read our explanations. Carry on to the end of the test and check the final score.
You can retake out TN permit practice test until you’re sure you’re ready for the real thing. Feeling good? Share the feeling with your friends on Twitter or simply “Like” our test by hitting the button above. Help your license find a way to your wallet – good luck!
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