✔ FREE Ohio BMV Permit Practice Test Four 2016 | OH


OH BMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions: 40
Answer correctly to pass: 30
Passing score: 75%
Do you like seeing people and places? You probably do, but you often feel you might see more of them if you could drive your own car. What’s the problem? Make today the day you stop dreaming and start doing. Here’s our 4th OH permit practice test designed for you to get ready for your DMV Permit Test without leaving the comfort of your home. While our permit practice test doesn’t give you a driving license, it gives you close-to-real-life exam experience and enhances your knowledge of driving rules and regulations from the new 2016 Ohio Driver’s Handbook.
You can start right now by reading our multiple choice questions and clicking the answer option that you think is best. If you feel confused or unsure, there will be hints to help you out. If you make a mistake, you’ll see it in the progress bar on the left-hand side of the page. Don’t vex, read the explanation (we’ll provide one for every incorrect answer!) and try not to repeat the mistake in the future. Are you hesitating because you don’t know the cost of taking the permit practice test? We made it as easy for you as you could ever hope for – it’s 100% FREE! No fees, no registration, just like that. Is your hesitation over now? OK, get started and good luck! Don’t forget to “like” this free OH permit practice test by clicking the button above, or tell your friends on Twitter about it. We really appreciate it.
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