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Washington, D.C., with an area of just 68 square miles, has a gross domestic product (GDP) of $99 billion per year. That’s more than states 2,100 times its size. Such a large GDP would be completely impossible without commercial drivers to move goods and products in and out of the district -- which is where you come in. You will soon receive or renew your commercial driver license (CDL), and this practice quiz will help make that possible by giving you realistic practice for the CDL written exam. These 50 multiple-choice questions cover crucial information from the Washington, D.C. Commercial Driver License Manual, as well as federal and local laws. You’ll be tested on right-of-way rules, braking and shifting techniques, driving in special weather and road conditions, handling emergency situations, and more. Use the hint provided with each question, and read the explanations carefully to ensure that you’ll be able to answer future questions correctly. Come back and keep practicing until you feel comfortable with the information. Good luck on your CDL exams!
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