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There’s a secret to passing the Maryland motorcycle permit exam on your first attempt. It’s this free MD practice exam! This 50-question study tool will help you ace the state’s motorcycle permit exam with flying colors in several ways. First, the format of the MD motorcycle permit practice test below is designed to prepare you for what you will experience at your local MVA office when you go to complete the official exam. Secondly, this practice test evaluates your knowledge of the information in the Maryland Motorcycle Operator Manual, the same document that the official exam is based upon. Lastly, each of the MD motorcycle permit practice test’s questions includes both an optional hint and an explanation of the correct answer, two components that are sure to help reinforce your new knowledge. So, if you’ve been wondering how in the world you’ll pass the Maryland motorcycle permit exam, this practice test is the solution!
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MD MVA Fact Sheet

Number of questions:25
Answer correctly to pass:22
Passing score:80%

MD Motorcycle Handbook

View the most recent (2017) official MD MVA Motorcycle Handbook.


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