This Is How You Install a License Plate in 6 Painless Steps


Installing a new license plate is a quick task that every driver needs to know how to do. With a one simple tool, you will be able to remove your vehicle’s old license plate and install a new one in only a few minutes. Use these directions to install a new car tag.

6 Steps to Install a License Plate by Yourself

  1. 1

    Begin by gathering your tools and supplies. You will need a Phillips or a flathead screwdriver, your new car tag, and the proper screws. If your vehicle is brand new, the screws for the license place holder may be located in the glove compartment or console.

  2. 2

    Remove the old tag. Using the appropriate screw driver, remove the screws that are holding the current tag in place by turning them in a counterclockwise manner. Place the screws in a safe place while you remove the old tag. Remove the old tag and set it aside.

  3. 3

    Align the new tag so that the predrilled holes match the appropriate holes on the bumper of your vehicle.

  4. 4

    Attach the new tag using the screws you previously removed. Turn the screws in a clockwise manner. Make sure that the tag is secure but do not over tighten the bolts.

    license plate installation
    Hold your screwdriver parallel to the ground and turn it clockwise

  5. 5

    Affix the expiration date sticker to the top left or right corner of the new license plate or on the windshield per your state’s specific requirements.

    expiration sticker
    In the picture the expiration date sticker is fixed in the upper right corner

  6. 6

    Place your vehicle’s registration receipt in your glove box along with your owner’s manual and insurance card.

Replacing a vehicle’s license plate is a simple task that almost every driver should be able to complete. This quick project should not take any longer than a few minutes. With a simple screw driver you will be equipped to perform this routine task.

If you are concerned with potential license plate theft, use similar security screws of any brand to secure your plate:

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