How to Rent a Car – 6 Trusted Steps for a Perfect Deal You Will Never Regret

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Rental cars are a convenient option for a variety of situations. Drivers may choose to rent a car to go on vacation, because their car has been damaged in an accident, or because the need a specific type of vehicle for a short amount of time, such as a truck or van. Rental cars are readily available for most drivers and can be acquired in a few simple steps.

6 Tips That Will Help You Rent a Car

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    Decide what type of vehicle you need. A mini-van is a great option for family vacations while a small compact car can actually save you money on fuel if driving a long distance with only a couple of people. If you need to haul supplies for a project, you might be interested in renting a truck. If you’d like a nice car for a weekend getaway, renting a convertible might be a possibility.

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    Get the best rate. The rate you pay for a rental car depends on two factors. The first is your age. Drivers under the age of eighteen are almost never allowed to rent a car. Drivers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five can expect to pay a higher rate because of their increased likelihood of being involved in an auto accident. The second factor is your location. Most cities have a local rental car office; however, a rental car can often be acquired in a small town through a local car dealership. If you live in or close to a major metropolitan area, you may be able to get a better rate by picking up your rental car at your local airport, but be aware of extra airport fees.

    car rental office
    Sometimes it’s cheaper to pick up a car at a local office one mile away from the airport to avoid airport fees

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    Search online, particularly if you live close to an airport. Most discount travel websites offer deals on rental cars. You can also visit rental car companies’ websites to make reservations.

    rental cars
    Most travel aggregators, like Expedia, offer you cars from different providers to compare and choose

  4. 4

    If you have your own vehicle, contact your auto insurance agent to see if your policy covers rental cars. If so, you may not need to purchase an insurance policy for your rental car though the rental company. Watch the following video to understand your insurance options.

  5. 5

    Most rental car companies offer a safe place to keep your own vehicle while you rent one of theirs. If you are uncomfortable leaving your car in someone else’s care, you should arrange for transportation to the rental car lot.

  6. 6

    Most rental cars come with a full tank of gas when they are picked up. Don’t get too excited. You will be charged an additional fee if you do not return it in the same condition.

    gas pump
    Plan an obligatory gas station stop before returning the vehicle

Rental cars are a great convenience, especially if you are able to get an inexpensive rate. Remember that you are borrowing someone else’s property. Drive carefully, follow all traffic rules, and take precautions to keep the interior of the vehicle clean while it is in your care.

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