Introducing Video-Based Defensive Driving Hazard Simulators

Introducing Video-Based Defensive Driving Hazard Simulators

Identifying hazards in advance is key to defensive driving. Today, is launching a series of new video-based tests in which learner drivers can practice identifying developing hazards. A developing hazard is a driving situation that requires a driver to take some action to deal with it safely, such as changing speed or direction.

Learner drivers will watch a live-action video clip of an actual drive involving a variety of developing hazards. The drivers will attempt to identify the hazards by clicking or tapping on them. They’ll earn points for spotting the hazards as soon as they appear in the driver’s view. When a hazard is identified correctly, the learner driver will see a frame around it and hear a sound. The learner driver won’t lose points if he or she clicks on something that is not a hazard (a false positive). However, constant random clicking to fool the test is discouraged.


Defensive Driving Hazard Perception Simulator in action

Hazard perception testing has been part of the official driving-test experience in many other countries. To our knowledge, this is the first time that this kind of testing has been introduced to US learner drivers. is proud to be the first to offer this new type of testing online, accessible from any browser on any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection. We hope this will encourage aspiring drivers to do more to become safer drivers.

Give these new tests a try here:

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