How to Pass Your South Carolina Permit Test in 2019

Many consider learning to drive a right of passage. Life is certainly a lot easier when you have a driver’s license and don’t have to ask for rides anymore. If you want to learn to drive in South Carolina, now is the perfect time. Getting a license is easier than you might think and this guide will help you know what to do. It provides step by step guidance that will be useful from the beginning of the process when you get your driver’s permit as well as while you prepare for your South Carolina road test.

How To Proceed

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    Find the Nearest SC DMV

    As you prepare for your license you will definitely need to take a trip or two to the DMV. Find out where it is from the very beginning so that you will know where to go should questions or problems arise while getting your license. Generally you can easily find a list of locations online.

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    Pick Up a South Carolina Driver’s Handbook

    Now that you know where to DMV is, consider running down there and picking up a drivers handbook. You can also find them online which makes getting this important guide a lot easier.

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    Study for Your SC DMV Permit Test

    Your drivers handbook is a priceless resource when studying for your SC permit test. If you have any questions, odds are that you can find the answer in this guide. It also is the basis for the South Carolina permit test, so study it often. By taking the time to prepare, you will be ready to pass your test the first try. If you are under 18 you will need to take South Carolina driving school, so find an approved school and get your courses scheduled.

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    Take a SC Permit Practice Test

    Once you feel confident and ready to take your permit test, find a couple of practice tests and see how you do. Practice tests will save you from having to take the test multiple times and showing up to the DMV unprepared. When getting ready for your SC DMV test, a practice permit test is one of the best decisions that you can make.

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    Get Your South Carolina Learners Permit

    One of the best ways to learn to drive is to practice. Of course, you must have a permit before you get behind the wheel of a car. Go to the DMV with your parents (if you are under 18), your birth certificate, social security card, insurance info and proof of residency. You will have to fill out paperwork and take a vision and a written test. You must be at least 15 years old.

  6. 6

    Take Your Written Test

    Once you fill out the required paperwork, you will receive a written test. This will test your knowledge of laws and traffic safety in South Carolina. Don’t worry too much about the test, if you took a SC DMV practice test you should be fine.

  7. 7

    Start Practicing

    Now you can drive using your permit as long as there is a licensed driver over 21 in the car with you. If you are under 18 bear in mind that you cannot drive between midnight and 6 am unless your parent is in the front seat of the car.

  8. 8

    Fulfill State Mandated Minimums

    If you are under 18 you must drive for at least 40 hours with a parent or guardian. Of the 40 hours, 10 must be at night. You will need to wait at least 180 days before you can apply for a license.

  9. 9

    Schedule a South Carolina Driving Test

    Once you are ready, contact the DMV and schedule your driving test. Make sure that you come with your permit, verification of hours, parent (under 18), proof of school enrollment (under 18) and certificate of drivers ed completion (under 18). Once you pass this test, you will receive your license.

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    Pick Up Your New License

    Congratulations on passing your tests and getting your license. Now make sure that you follow graduated licensing requirements if you are under 18 and that you drive safely and carefully.

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