How to Pass Utah Permit Test

Don’t be nervous or afraid if you are trying to get your Utah driver license. Learning to drive can be intimidating, but it is possible. In fact, the process can even be fun if you have the right attitude. This article will help you throughout the process by explaining the various steps that need to be taken to pass your Utah DMV tests. If you have any questions or need additional clarification, contact the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles. They will be your number one resource throughout the licensing process.

How To Proceed

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    What are the Requirements for Getting a License to Drive in Utah?

    Before you start the drivers license application process, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the drivers license requirements in Utah. There are several requirements, but a few are that you must be at least 16 years old, cannot have a physical, mental or emotional impairment that could interfere with being able to drive safely and you must be able to verify your identity by providing specific documentation that verifies your identity. In Utah you must provide proof of identity when you apply for a license and each and every time you renew your drivers license.

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    Get a Copy of the Utah Drivers Handbook

    Throughout the licensing process you will find that the state provided drivers handbook is a valuable resource. You can get your own copy from the DMV or can read it online. There are 26 drivers licensing service stations in Utah so you be able to find one that will work for you.

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    Enroll in One of Many State Approved Utah Drivers Schools

    Drivers under the age of 18 must take an approved drivers training course. If this applies to you, find an approved school and enroll.

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    Study Your Drivers Handbook

    Next you should start studying your drivers handbook. When you go into the DMV for your permit application, you will be required to take a written permit test. The information on this test will be found in your guide, so study it frequently until you are very comfortable with all of the information inside.

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    Take a Utah Permit Practice Test

    Taking a couple of Utah drivers permit practice tests will really help you prepare for your test. They help you learn what to study and which areas need a little more practice.

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    Find Your Application Documentation

    All applicants for a Utah drivers permit must supply their birth certificate, their legal ability to reside in the US, social security number or ITIN, 2 proofs of address in Utah and evidence of name change (if necessary). You must have originals of all of these documents since photocopies are not an acceptable form of ID. Gather all of these together and make sure that you take them when you go to the DMV.

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    Fill Out the License Application

    Next you will go to the DMV and complete an application form. This form will ask for basic information like you name, address, weight and height. The DMV will also take your picture and give you a vision test. Drivers under 18 need to take a parent. If you do not have a parent, another adult will need to come along to take financial responsibility for you. Your Utah learners permit will cost $15.

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    Take Your Permit Test

    Now you will take your written test. This will be a multiple choice test covering the information that you read in the handbook. If you have studied and been able to pass your Utah practice permit test, you should also pass the DMV test.

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    Practice with Your Permit

    Now that you have a permit you can practice. Minors must hold their permit for at least 6 months and must practice for at least 40 hours on the road before they can get their license. There are specific restrictions and requirements for driving with a permit, so make sure that you understand them before you start driving.

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    Take Your Utah Driving Test

    Once you are ready you will go to the DMV and take a drivers test. This is the last step that you must take before getting your license. Your license fee will be $25.

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