How to Pass West Virginia Permit Test

Are you looking forward to learning to drive? You should be. Driving can be a lot of fun and can make life a lot more convenient. You will need to have a West Virginia driving license if you want to drive in the state. Getting a license won’t be the easiest process. You will need to carefully study for your WV permit test. You will also need to pass your West Virginia driving test. Don’t be discouraged if the process takes a little time. If you are patient and keep trying you should get your license in no time at all.

How To Proceed

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    Find Your Nearest West Virginia DMV Location

    When you are ready to get your license, one of the first things that you will need to do is find your nearest DMV. Look online for your DMV location.

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    Make Sure You Meet the West Virginia Drivers License Requirements

    If you want to get your own drivers license, you will have to meet particular requirements. In West Virginia you must be at least 15 years old (for a permit) or 16 years old for a license and cannot have a suspended license in any other state. If you have a license from another state you will need to turn this license in to get your West Virginia drivers license.

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    Pick Up a WV Drivers Handbook

    Studying for your West Virginia DMV tests is very important. If you want to study you will want to pick up a drivers handbook. You can easily pick up a copy from the DMV or you can read the guide online.

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    Read the Entire DMV Handbook

    Once you have your handbook, you need to start studying it. Make sure that you read it carefully from cover to cover. As you read make a note of specific items that you think might be on the DMV test. Pay special attention to the sections about driving laws and traffic rules.

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    Take a WV DMV Practice Test

    They say that practice makes perfect and this is definitely true when it comes to preparing for the West Virginia permit test. As soon as you start feeling comfortable with the information in the drivers handbook, try taking a WV permit practice test. See how you do and make sure that you study any areas where you struggle before you go in for your test.

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    Fill Out DMV Paperwork

    When you feel ready go to the DMV and fill out your paperwork. You will fill out an application, pay a fee and prove your identity by providing the needed documentation. Fees are determined by age and range from $5 and up. You will need documents to prove your identity, residency, age and social security number. Check the DMV website and check out the list of necessary paperwork online.

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    Take Your West Virginia DMV Test

    Now you need to head to the DMV and take your permit test. This will be a multiple choice test that will quiz your knowledge of the principles in the handbook.

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    Practice Until You Are Confident

    The only way to perfect your on the road skills is to practice a lot. Keep practicing with a licensed driver until you are comfortable. Remember that drivers under 18 have specific requirements that they must follow and if you are under 18 you need to be sure that you understand these restrictions and provisions.

  9. 9

    Take Your Road Test

    Now you will need to take your on the road test. This test will be completed in your own vehicle. During the test drive carefully and make sure that you buckle up. Breaking the law or doing anything dangerous will result in an automatic fail, so be very careful while you drive.

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    Now You Have the Benefit of Your New License

    If you pass the DMV test and pay a licensing fee, you will be able to receive your license.

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