How to Pass Wisconsin Permit Test

Many new drivers feel a little overwhelmed as they prepare for their WI driving test. This uncertainty is for good reason. Getting a drivers license is complicated and will take a lot of time and effort. If you want to get your Wisconsin drivers license you will need to study quite a bit. While the process can be time consuming, keep trying. Putting the effort into getting your license will be worth it. Once you have a Wisconsin driving license you will have more flexibility and convenience.

How To Proceed

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    What Are the Requirements?

    There are certain requirements that will have to be met before you can get your drivers license. Some of these requirements are that you must be at least 16 years old. You must also be physically able to drive and cannot have a suspended license in any other state. Learn the requirements and make sure that you meet them before you spend a lot of time studying and preparing for your license.

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    Get a DMV Guide

    Next you will have to pick up a guide from your DMV. Wisconsin creates this very helpful and useful guide that will enable you to find all the information that you need in one easy book. This guide will teach you many of the things that you need to know to drive in Wisconsin. Pick up a guide from the DMV or find one online.

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    Read and Study the Wisconsin DMV Handbook

    Your DMV handbook will be a precious resource when studying. Make sure that you read it from cover to cover and that you study the sections on traffic safety and driving laws. The more time you spend studying, the better you will perform on your Wisconsin DMV test.

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    Take Some Practice Tests

    Taking tests at the DMV takes time and money, so you don’t want to waste time at the DMV if you aren’t prepared. When you think you are ready for your DMV test, see how you will do by taking a practice test or two. This will help you judge your preparedness and can help you learn which areas might need a little extra study time. Once you start passing your practice tests, you will know that you are ready to take your official Wisconsin DMV test.

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    Take Your Permit Test

    Next you will go to the DMV, fill out an application and take your written DMV test. You will also take a vision test at this time and pay a $35 fee. Your written test should be just like the practice tests that you have already taken. If you do well on your practice tests, you should do fine on your Wisconsin DMV test as well.

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    Start Practicing with a Licensed Driver

    When you pass your Wisconsin permit test, you will receive your permit. This will allow you to start practicing your driving skills on the road. You will need a licensed driver to be in the car with you at all times. As you practice keep your Wisconsin drivers test in mind. If you practice with your thoughts toward your Wisconsin road test, you will be better prepared for your DMV test.

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    Schedule Your Wisconsin DMV Road Test

    After you have gotten plenty of practice, call the DMV and schedule a road test.

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    Take Your Wisconsin Drivers Test

    When the date for your road test arrives head to the DMV with a licensed and registered vehicle. Since you don’t have your license yet you can’t drive alone, so make sure that you bring someone else along with you. During the test you will have to demonstrate your driving skills with a DMV employee. Your license fee will be $28.

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    Pick Up Your Temporary License

    If you pass your road test you will be able to pick up a temporary license from the DMV. This paper license will expire quickly and will only be valid until your permanent license arrives in the mail a couple of weeks later.

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    Follow the Laws and Keep Driving Safely

    Once you get your license it is important to follow the laws and to drive safely. This will help you to avoid tickets and accidents.

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