DMV-ictory! 7 Great Tips to Overcome Anxiety for Your Permit Test

DMV-ictory! 7 Great Tips to Overcome Anxiety for Your Permit Test

It’s not unusual to get nervous, anxious or feel stressed when it comes time to take a test of any kind. For someone about to take their first driver’s permit test, this can be especially true because there is a lot “riding” on the outcome of the results.

You may need to obtain your drivers license in order to start a new job or something else equally important. Maybe it is for a teenager who needs to be able to help with picking up younger siblings from school. Either way, there are some tricks you can use to try to overcome your anxiety and not let stress get in the way of you passing your DMV test.

How To Get Ready For Your DMV Test

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    Studying Will Make You Less Anxious

    The best way to remove any sense of doubt and fear that could lead to stress is to set yourself up to be a success. This means arming yourself with the knowledge necessary to pass your test. Studying will help ensure that you are ready on the day of the test to do your absolute best.

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    That alone can alleviate stress because you can go in prepared and lack any doubt that you can take this permit test and pass. If for some reason you do fail, even after thorough studying, you won’t be able to blame yourself for not being prepared. That really should free your mind from “test stress.” Give yourself the data your brain requires while earning the confidence you need to do well on the test, and you are more likely to relieve yourself of feeling any anxiety. So, if you haven’t really done the studying you feel will help you be prepared for the permit test, you may want to reconsider taking it instead of running the risk of feeling nervous and failing your permit test. For that reason, time management prior to taking your test can help you be ready for the test and help yourself to not feel stressed about the situation.

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    Day X: Keep Busy and Distract Your Mind

    For some, this is the only way to go when it comes to finding a way to get rid of anxiety. Unless you are planning on studying the day of the test, forget thinking about it at all, if possible. If you are seriously nervous about taking your permit test, consider making your appointment as early as possible in the day. The less time you have to think about it, the better.

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    In most cases you can schedule you test starting from 9 a.m., but keep in mind you’ll have to wait to be called anyway (Oregon Department of Transportation)

    So, in instances when you have to take the test later in the day, just keep your mind occupied. Running errands is a good way to get your mind off the task waiting for you later in the day. Find busy work around the house and sing along to music while you do it, or go spend the early afternoon taking in an action packed matinee to get your mind off of thinking about anything. In fact, if you have a hobby you love, this would be a good time to dive in and forget about the test completely. Play a round of tennis or go to a kickboxing class. Whatever looks like distraction to you, take the time to get involved.

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    On the Other Hand… Maybe Just Breathe

    If the thought of trying to stay busy seems like it will just make you feel even more anxious just before taking the test, that’s fine. Some people would feel more anxious trying to stay busy or end up losing that game of tennis if already feeling jitters about the permit test. So if you read the suggestion above and feel more stressed just by reading it, or thinking about that as a possibility, it may be a good idea to try the complete opposite approach! Maybe what you need to get rid of the nerves you’re feeling just before taking a test is to find some calm and quiet. It could just be reading at a quiet place in your home or doing some low key gardening. If meditation is your thing, now would be a good time to sit a spell and connect with your inner Zen.

    meditate before the test
    Choose an activity that brings you peace of mind

    Or maybe a yoga class would help keep you calm but also release any connections you have to your stress over the upcoming permit test. If nothing else, you should consider treating yourself to a massage before the test. It is really hard to hold on to anxiety for any reason over anything following a relaxing, deep tissue massage.

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    Have a Support Team

    Surround yourself with friends, family and loved ones who will act as your support team. These key players in your success can boost your confidence, not to mention help you prepare. That could mean helping you study for the DMV permit test and even quizzing you throughout the day to get ready for the exam.

    quizzing before the test
    Make sure your support team isn’t over critical, but supportive and cheerful

    In fact, if at all possible, bring a friend, family member or loved one along with you to the driving permit examination. It can really help you feel less anxious if you know you have someone there is your corner.

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    Prepare the Night Before

    One of the best things you can do before taking on a task that may cause you anxiety is to prepare yourself the day before the test.That means reading through the manual again, quizzing yourself or some other type of studying for the test.

    studying for the test
    Using materials will help you locate your weak points and revise properly

    Avoid tiring your brain with too much television or by drinking or anything like that. And, of course, get a good night’s rest.

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    Prepare on the Morning

    So, if you planned ahead, you should be well rested from the night before. Now, start your day off right. Certainly, have a good breakfast. If appropriate, maybe enjoy some exercise or something to keep the blood flow really surging to the brain you’ll be using for the test later. In general, be good to yourself and don’t take on anything that may add to your stress levels.

  7. 7

    Think Positive

    If you have done everything you can to be successful in passing your permit test, you can now just revel in thinking positively. Be proud of yourself for preparing for the DMV test and envision yourself leaving the DMV office having passed. Remember, you can do it!

Any one of these could be enough to limit or remove the amount of stress you feel about taking your driver’s permit test.

Combine even a few and you are well on your way to assuring yourself you will not only pass the test, but be able to do so without feeling too anxious.

Finally, here are some study tips for you that will help you prepare for any exam in the future:

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