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WA DOL driver's licenseRaining again in the Evergreen State? Your heart’s desire is to stay home but you have to go. Why don’t you just extend your home? Hop into your private vehicle and there you go – rain is no longer an issue. However, it’s only possible in case you have a driving license. If you don’t have it, you’d best start doing something to obtain it, and the best thing to do is get ready for your DOL Permit Test.
Here’s the good news – our 2nd WA permit practice test is now available online and you can have as many tries as you need without payment requests popping up now and then. Right, our test is brought to you free of charge – the only thing we expect from you is spread the word about it if you find it helpful. You can tweet your friends about our test or just “Like” it by hitting the button above.
There are reasons why we think you’ll like it. Our test is a close-to-real imitation of a real DOL exam, and it’s always easier to take a test once you know what to expect. Our question format and scoring system are the same as those used by DOL authorities. As for the content, it’s also pretty similar – questions about road signs and traffic rules as described in the new official Washington Driver Guide – a very useful read, BTW.
Have a look now – no registration is required. The first question, like all the rest on this test, has four answers – and only one of them is correct, of course. Click this correct one and go to the next question – it’ll appear automatically if the progress bar on the left-hand side of the page marks your answer with green. If it’s red – that’s another story – read the explanation of your mistake and try not to make it again. To help you make the right choice in the moments of doubt, we included hints – use them but remember that on a real DOL exam no one and noting is gonna help you – you’ll be on your own.
Go through all the 40 questions and get your final score. Even if it’s below your expectations, it’s not a reason to give up – like we said, you can take our WA permit practice test as long as you need to bring it to perfection – the tasks will be randomized for you. Get started now and have the best of luck!
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Passing score required at the WA DOL: 80%
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Washington DOL Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:40
How many correct answers to pass:32
Passing score:80%

WA DOL Driver's Handbook

View the most recent (2018) official WA DOL Driver's License Handbook.


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