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DC DMV driver's licenseThe DC Marathon Test is designed to give you one final boost before taking the official driver’s permit exam. This one hundred and eighty-five question study tool combines the most difficult and often missed questions from the nine regular District of Columbia permit practice tests. This gargantuan practice test is a little different from the other tests you’ve taken on Instead of giving you a hint or explanation of the correct answer when you make a mistake, the DC Marathon Test moves any incorrectly answered questions to the end of the test where you’ll have another change to choose the right answer. You can’t pass the District of Columbia Marathon Test without a 100%, so the test is designed to continue to rotate through the missed questions until you’ve corrected all your mistakes. Good luck!
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District of Columbia DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet

How many questions:30
How many correct answers to pass:24
Passing score:80%

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